12 Cool Karaoke Bars in Sydney


Karaoke just might be Japan’s greatest export of all time; narrowly pipping the Corolla. Getting up in front of your mates, pissed and holding a microphone, is as close as most of us are ever going to get to pop stardom. The music belts out from the sound system and you desperately try and follow the words in some sort of semblance of timing. Whether you are singing sharp or off key, you and everyone else, have, hopefully, had enough alcohol not to care. This is as good as it gets for a few choice minutes, as the passion takes control and Jimmy Barnes, Kylie or Elvis, assumes the shape of your body. But where are the coolest Karaoke bars in Sydney? We at ACM Group decided to go and check out the karaoke scene and after many an inner rock god was explored we were able to let you know there are 12 of the best:


Karaoke World

Basement, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

Karaoke World was one of the first of its kind in Sydney and is, perhaps, the longest running karaoke bar. Lots of songs, plenty of booze and good food to choose from; what more could you possibly want?

Ding Dong Dang

7 Randle Street, Surry Hills.

Ding Dong Dang, the name says it all really, but this Surry Hills karaoke institution is a buzz. They have themed rooms and all the classic K songs.


614 George Street, Sydney

Mizuya is a very cool place to do karaoke, with up to one hundred and fifty thousand songs available in four different languages. Plus Izakaya style dining and open seven nights.

CEO Karaoke

Basement, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney

CEO Karaoke is as the name suggests a fancy place hoping to attract the bosses of the world. The décor is bold and in your face, but the food is great and there are spacious rooms to cater for groups.

K Square Karaoke Lounge

Shop G4, Capitol Square, 730-732 George Street, Haymarket.

Don’t miss the happy hour at this groovy spot, as it is great value. Yummy Japanese and Korean food, powerful sound systems and great range of songs in four languages.

Lantern By Wagaya

2, 591 George Street, Sydney.

Sensational food and a wonderful karaoke space to perform in. Very classy joint indeed.

Big Echo Karaoke

104 Bathurst Street, Sydney.

Private rooms available, great songs and jugs of mixed drinks makes this a seriously attractive karaoke paradise.

Gangnam Style Karaoke

259 Sussex Street, Sydney.

The name says it all and located above a Korean BBQ joint, it combines all the right elements for a great night out.

Dynasty Karaoke

Level 1, 63 Dixon Street, Haymarket.

Great sound systems and range of songs. Big rooms and great service.

The Pickled Possum

254 Military Road, Neutral Bay.

A great night out in a unique kind of place full of characters. Worth a visit!

Echo Point

262 Pitt Street, Sydney.

This is a classic karaoke joint with ‘that’ carpet and a pumping sound system to get you up and singing. Definitive karaoke experience guaranteed.

Ju Ju

82-94 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

Ju Ju is for the proud and loud karaoke exponent, as there are no private rooms just one big open space. As much restaurant as karaoke joint, it hits its singing straps post 10pm; and hope that your socks are clean because it has a traditional no shoe policy.

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