20 Cool Asian Restaurants in Adelaide

Great Asian food in Adelaide is happening all over the city. When the ACM Group team visited the South Australian capital famous for its eating houses and delicious dishes inspired by the orient we proved our reputation as the hungry visitors we are. Whether you are fond of sushi, noodles, curries, stir fries, fish cakes, Phos or BBQ duck the City of Churches has your tastes covered. Here are 20 cool Asian restaurants in Adelaide.

Shiki Japanese Restaurant

InterContinental Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8238 2382

Stylish hotel dining experience with teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi.


5/242 Hutt Street, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8232 0944

Great seafood in the hands of a great chef. Try the puffer fish!

Star of Siam

67 Gouger Street, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8231 2527

Adelaide’s most consistently awarded Thai restaurant.


31 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, 5000.

A palace serving fantastic Asian food to celebs and plebs.

Adelaide Pho

199 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8212 0997

Great phos and a really busy place, which is always a good sign; a good range of Vietnamese food on the menu.

Gin Long Canteen

42 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, 5006.

08 7120 2897

The perfect place for big parties of diners. Fast service and fantastic Thai food. Great cocktails at the bar and a really vibrant place.

House of Chow

82 Hutt Street, Adelaide 5000

08 8223 6181

Lots of well known Chinese dishes on a big menu and they are all pretty yummy. Big aquarium to choose your seafood from.


132 Gouger Street, Adelaide, 5000

08 8212 8288

We all would like a concubine in our lives and this wonderful Chinese restaurant delivers in spades. Beautiful ambience and stunning food.

The Himalayan Kitchen

73 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, 5006.

08 8267 3037

Superb Indian and Nepalese cuisine and a lovely space to dine in. Great vegetarian dishes on the menu as well.


141 O’Connell Street, Adelaide, 5000.

08 7225 5382

Seriously good Asian fusion food delivered in style to your table. Lovely service and brilliant dishes make this a fine restaurant experience.


26 Bank Street, Shop 3, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8231 3303

Korean food doesn’t get much better than this. A man do what a man has to and that is eat well.

Sit Lo

30 Bank Street, Adelaide, 5000.

0439 004 161

Yummy Vietnamese café in the heart of the city. Well priced and a buzzy intimate place.

Pondok Bali

310 Putteney Street, Adelaide, 5000.

08 8232 0588

Spicy Indonesian food perfect with a cold Bintang. Bali in the middle of the city.

Other notables:

Madame Hanoi Bar & Bistro; Mapo Korean; House of Pearl; Orient; Golden Boy; Ding Hao and Asian Central.

Night Noodle Markets in Review

Night noodle markets have emerged around the capital cities of Australia’s states, as part of various festivals and celebrations of cultural diversity and food. Twinkling fairy like lights in beautiful locations in Hyde Park in Sydney, the Festival Centre in Adelaide, and on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne, are enchanting a hungry audience of Australians and tourists. Yummy food in magical locations can inspire even the most jaded of palettes. The range of food offerings from the stalls at these night noodle markets is staggering and worth trying as many of them as possible.

Korean food is a big favourite in Sydney and Pok Lol do great Korean style tacos. The thing is that the restaurants involved have to adapt their traditional flavours to forms that suit the quick eating and casual seating of these events. Thus the Korean taco, which features the meats of your selection with a kimchi slaw; and it tastes divine. Bao Stop and Mr Bao feature pork belly crackling, XO fried chicken bao and Peking Duck fries. The Sydney night noodle markets also features some northern Chinese food at Mrs Ni: dumplings, shallot pancakes and Taiwanese- style fried chicken; absolutely delicious. Plus lots of noodle dishes, ramen noodles, knife-cut noodles, hokken and more. Robots cutting noodles at the Taste of Shanghai; very Bladerunnerish! The roti from Malaysian Mamak is so light and yummy with curry sauce.

More than half a million people visited the night noodle market in Melbourne with around sixty stalls feeding the thousands. Hoy Pinoy, Red Spice Road, Chin Chin and Gelato Messina were back again and the innovation knows no bounds. Wrapping food in food to avoid too many costly and polluting take way containers sees cultural traditions mutating in form but not at the expense of flavour. Great dumplings are a favourite of mine and delicious tacos and burgers attract the punters by the thousands. There are sweets and desserts as well with waffles on a stick, coconut sorbet, mango ganache, Nutella dipping sauce; just some of the flavours and forms you can indulge in.

The Adelaide night noodle markets were another great success, attracting many thousands of visitors to the centre of Adelaide on the Torrens River. Vibrant music rocked the concourse around the Festival Centre and Asian food in a myriad of designs and dishes took centre stage. The dumplings and noodles were great, as were the Thai quail and Korean BBQ. A beautiful spot to share some nibbles with family and friends; plus great wines and beers were available.

Do you provide food for the night noodle markets? Do you have a fantastic stall we should know more about? Contact the folks here at ACM Group so we can cover anything new and exciting you might be cooking up!

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